Them Shed Blues.

Them Shed Blues by Mark Brooker

We got a new mic in the studio, this is the Gibson J100 mic'd and played by me, can you here the dog in the background?

Am Byth by Mark Brooker

Here's me faking a track for a film cue, it worked!

Forgotten Blues by Mark Brooker

A track I wrote a few years ago but never recorded, today I took a stab at it, and here it is.

What If? by Mark Brooker

An acoustic guitar piece I have been playing about with, this was one take, recorded direct using my Gibson J100 equipped with an L.R. Baggs I-Beam active system.

Cue Test (String Section1.1) by Mark Brooker

The string section tweaked a little more.

Cue Test (String Section) by Mark Brooker

The string section from the Cue track, tweaked a little.

Cue by Mark Brooker

A Cue I wrote, I wrote the guitar part a few weeks ago, just played with a string section this week, I like it, it's a work in progress, It's here for a limited time.

On A Limb Not A Whim by Mark Brooker

This was composed over a period of a week December 2010, I then one Friday afternoon just put up a mic and went for it.

What Was I Thinking by Mark Brooker

I think the title speaks for itself with this one!

Whambam! by Mark Brooker

Wah and a whamy pedal abuse.

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