This is the site of guitarist Mark Brooker. Mark Brooker is busy at the moment writing and recording in his studio.

Here at you will be able to keep up to date with what Mark Brooker's up to.

Mark Brooker plays his trusty Custom Ibanez RG guitar that he built in the early 90's, it was originaly Salmon Pink with a Purple Metallic laquer, very nice, a throw back to the old L.A. metal/hair bands! It was the only body the importer had! Mark had it stripped and resprayed the shade you see it today.

The Ibanez is loaded with DiMarzio pickups, Mark Brooker seems to like them, there's a Tone Zone in the bridge postition, a HS1, replaced last year with a cruser in the middle position and a P.A.F Pro in the neck, all in the subtle shade of green.

You may see a Tone control on the Ibanez, it's not wired. Mark Brooker says, "It gets in the way", which means that its not used or needed, and messes with the sound, so the Tone knob is there but isn't wired.

Mark Brooker is also currently looking for the killer amp, and is auditioning various conteders, at the moment nothing has hit the Mark so to speak, so we keep looking.

One option it seems is to have one custom built to Mark Brooker's specs, as that amp doesn't seem to exist.

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